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"Together with my team of trusted associates based in Bologna, we offer a range of services for Italian market entry. We offer a friendly, supportive stepping stone. These services are flexible and adapted to your specific needs. We help you build new partnerships, new trade relationships, your market presence as your first step into the Italian market."

Chris Swingler New International Connections - Hot Toast Italy

Gateway to Italy



From opportunity spotting and grasping, through to relationship building, project follow through - tracking and persisting to completion, we are your listening, connected partner to help you deliver on your plans on entering the market in Italy. Bringing people together and facilitating building new business relationships.


Italian Market Entry

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Bologna is a great Logistics hub.

Be seen in Europe,
choose Bologna for your presence.



In association with


Our Purpose

▪ Provide advice on distribution channels
▪ Find you a good match to take care of distribution of your products in the Italian market.
▪ Facilitate introductions, helping you build new trusted relationships that you need for the success of your product in the Italian market. 


What we deliver

▪ Meetings Face to Face or Video Conference or both.
▪ A short-list of distributors.
▪ Helping you select from the short-list.
▪ Helping with your questions and overcoming hurdles prior to your decision. 


How we achieve it

▪ Phone calls to potential interested distributors.
▪ Presenting your brand and product strengths.
▪ Pre-check the potential distributors based on your requirements and potential.
▪ Preparing a short-list of distributors.
▪ Aperiviti and Lunches to build the all important relationships with your new partners. 



in association with EXPO CONSULTING

Marco and his team are trade show and events specialists with a vast knowledge and experience helping companies in many different sectors to achieve their business development goals. In Milan, Bologna, Verona, Rimini we can meet your requirements for trade show support. Many of these trade shows are international, so you will meet buyers from European countries as well as from Italian companies.

Cross-border projects and exports


International Project Managers - Young Crew - Milan Jan 2015 & May 2017

Chris gave 2 presentations to the IPMA in Milan, one was a joint presentation with Paolo Borrelli on improving inter-cultural understanding on Anglo-Italian cross-border projects and exports held at the Fiat Executive Lounge.


Fine Organic Wines from Correns - France's first Organic Village

Chris opened the UK market for these wines securing orders from a wine merchant in the Midlands. It's the same village where Pink Floyd recorded part of their album The Wall.



Bologna is well situated, only 1 hour by FrecciaRossa TGV from the centre of Milan and with a well connected International airport named after Bologna's famous son Guglielmo Marconi. Famed for it's gastronomy and having the first University in the western world founded in 1088. It is also at the centre of Italy's motor valley with many big names in the automotive and motor cycle industry including Ferrari and Ducati. 

"Do get in touch for an informal initial discussion. I look forward to speaking with you and earning your trust and permission to help your business grow in the Italian market together with my Bologna based team of experts."

Chris Swingler

New International Connections


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About us

Formed with your successful entry into the Italian market in mind

In January 2015, Chris met with 4 potential business partners in Italy and selected to work with Expo Consulting. Soon after, Giorgio Guidi and Ruggero Rossini also became business associates.

We are all about helping you build new partnerships and trade relationships to ensure the success of your products and services in the Italian market.


Why the name Hot Toast?

The idea for the name came from watching a TV show where Brian Cox was interviewing Richard Branson. The setting was in a hotel breakfast room and Brian asked Richard if he wanted some toast? Richard said yes and Brian popped 2 slices of bread in the toaster. It’s one of those moments of conviviality, something hot to share while having a conversation and the name Hot Toast was chosen as it symbolizes bringing people together which is what our service is all about. In Italy this is embodied by the Aperitivi often with a buffet. 




Chris Swingler
New International Connections
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+44 (0)7980.915290 


Hot Toast Italy 
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